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Flat Design Powerpoint Infographics Pack

Flat design may be the biggest trend online. In our previous articles we've covered many aspects of flat design and flat design infographics. Creating Infographics in Powerpoint or Keynote is among the easiest solution for newbies. Powerpoint is one of the most favored softwares on earth. It allows you easily and quickly edit and create presentations.PP doesn't requires special skills or extensive knowledge as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe AE. I've received many information requests from your readers and guests about how to create infographics in powerpoint, where a good option to get infographic templates for powerpoint and etc.If you are stating that there are many Infographic Powerpoint templates available to download online - I wouldnt accept you at all. Yes, there large numbers of Powerpoint templates, only few market places are selling single slide static infographic templates.Moreover, a lot more rare are flat design Infographics. Flat design is really a new trend and it will take a moment till designers will fulfill flat Infographics niche.I created a concept to make life easier for you by offering premade 9 Flat Powerpoint infographic templates + 2 flat Powerpoint presentations Pack.

16 Available Infographics

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If you are following our blog, probably you have noticed that recently we have posted several infographics that have been created in Powerpoint. Because of the variety of request we chose to cause them to become available to buy. Each Infographic template is entirely ready to go. After purchase please download and unzip file. You will discover 16 ( flat design) Infographics in .ppt format. Open any of them in Powerpoint and start to make your own personal changes!Edit color settings, shapes, objects and etc. Each template includes flat design icons and images. **However in the event you cant find icon which you would like to include in your brand-new infographic,dont worry! We now have added text file with several links.You can travel to those websites at any time and download unlimited number of free flat design icons. You'll have usage of greater than 3000 flat icons for the infographic!**
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** Links to flat icons sources continues to be put into public Product Description.
2 Flat Design Powerpoint Presentations

We now have also included 2 flat Powerpoint presentations. One of them is accessible as demo download free on our website. Please feel free to download and attempt before purchase. Second one is completely new design and contains 7 slides + flat icons.Templates are easily convertible to Keynote. If you have any questions or you will need support, please call us anytime. Full package prices are only $12!. Here is the affordable on the economy!

2.0 UPDATE - Social networking Infographic Template - Facts You Didnt Know

This infographic templates pack now includes 10 infographic templates + two infographic presentations! We now have added our new social networking infographic Facts you didnt Know! Social networking infographic template is good solution to your new infographic about social networks, social media or other project linked to social web. Template is able to use and no additional software programs are required. Social media marketing is probably the most favored infographic themes and we're offering best deal on the market! Template featuring LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook facts and statistics. But you can easily change headlines, pictures, fonts, colors and amend template to the social media!

Update 3.0 Oscars Infographic Template added

Now Infographic Templates Premium Pack includes 13 Infographics! We have added our latest Oscars infographic.

Template is fully customizable: usually you are able to add/delete images, change colors, edit text and etc. Moreover , Oscars Infographic is regarded as the advanced PowerPoint Infographic we did so far. All charts and tables can be edited in Excel!

You simply need to alter the volumes in Excel sheet, axis scale options, select table or chart type and your infographic decide to go!

Ultimate Premium Flat Infographic Templates Pack for PowerPoint or Keynote. No additional software required. Available and simple to customize awesome single page infographic templates and multiple slides flat Powerpoint Presentations.
Update 4.0 - 3 New Infographic Templates added

12.03.2014 - we have added 3 fresh, good quality infographic templates. Should you following our blog, probably you've got noticed that recently we have published handful of new social networking infographics. Our premium infographic templates pack is consistently
growing even as keep adding our most recent infographics. If you are looking for top ready to go infographic solution - dont look further. Techinfographics.com premium infographic templates pack now includes 14 infographic templates + 2 infographic presentations. Including five awesome social media marketing infographics, flat design infographics as well as other most favored infographic themes.